UMCOS is a Ministry of the North Georgia Conference

of the United Methodist Church

We provide information, programs, tools & training to support the Scout Youth Programs at the 900+ congregations in North Georgia.

Youth Programs

We minister to youth via 4 national youth organizations: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Camp Fire.

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Big Brothers/ Big Sisters & Camp Fire

Each Methodist congregation has the ability to select any (or all) of these organizations to partner with in order to minister to youth in their community.

UMC Recognition

The Methodist Church provides various awards to recognize Methodist Youth, Leaders, Units & Congregations.


Awards can be presented at any time of the year, although a majority are presented at Scout Sunday Services in February. Learn more here.


UMCOS trains Adult leaders to help churches grow, and build their programs into a ministry.

For Scout Coordinators

UMCOS conducts training in over 12 courses to support youth programs in your churches. Learn more here.

Spiritual Growth

Support your youth program by offering a God & Country program for your youth.

Help Youth & Adults with their Faith Walk

Take advantage of P.R.A.Y., an excellent Christian education program, to help your youth and leaders grow their faith. Offer an annual God & Country program at your congregation.

Boy Scouts in the N.GA. Conference

Congregations with 1 or more BSA Scout Units
# of Packs, Troops & Crews in the Conference
Total Enrolled Youth